Rhum, Whiskey, Grappa and Collectible Wine

Maeba Single Cask was created to meet the needs of collectors and enthusiasts of rare, exclusive and collectible liqueurs and spirits. On our online store you can buy the best Rhums and Whiskeys and the best Grappas to collect or taste in good company. Rare and precious rhums, small and large masterpieces made in the past: Rum Caroni, Rum Velier, Samaroli, Demerara, agricultural Rhums all selected by experts in spirits and liqueurs. The same goes for our fine Whiskeys including Scotch Whiskey, Turbato Whiskey, Macallan Whiskey and Japanese Whiskey some of the most sought after. As far as exclusive and collectible grappas and wines are concerned, we rely on large producers, you can in fact buy Grappa Capovilla, Grappa Poli and Marolo or Vino Sassicaia, Vino Ornellaia and Masseto. Drink responsibly, but do it best!

Online sale of Agricultural Rum, Velier, Samaroli or Demerara, Japanese Whiskey and Scotch